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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 Bookmark Now! | Email to a friend  

What was the second video played on MTV?

Everyone knows the first video ever played on MTV. What was the second?

Let's take a trip through time, back to the days when MTV actually
played music videos all day and night. It seems like so long ago --
the year 1981 -- when the groundbreaking channel first launched. At
midnight on August 1, 1981, cable upstart MTV made its first broadcast
with "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the British band, The Buggles.
But what came next? I put on our skinny ties and Ray-Ban sunglasses
and paid a visit to Yahoo!'s 1980s Pop Culture category to find your
Deep within the Eighties Club, I read about MTV's rocky start. After
the Buggles, the channel aired five spots introducing MTV's veejays
(the spots were played in the wrong order). Then the next music video
was broadcast -- the tune was "You Better Run" by Pat Benatar. Some
fumbling and dead air followed these first two videos, as engineers
and veejays scrambled to play videos in the right order. Eventually,
the MTV team got their act together and became one of the decade's
biggest influences on popular music.

An artist biography on Hip Online confirmed Pat Benatar's status as
the second artist to air a video on MTV. "You Better Run" was
Benatar's first video. The song was featured on her second album,
Crimes of Passion, released in 1980. This album also featured her
first top ten hit, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." Many of Benatar's
later videos enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV, particularly 1983's "Love
Is a Battlefield" directed by Bob Giraidi.

Both MTV and Pat Benatar are still rockin' on into the 21st century,
although I suspect Benatar plays more music than the channel.

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