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Friday, October 07, 2005 Bookmark Now! | Email to a friend  

Does toothpaste expire?

Yes, it does.

OK, I'll come clean and admit it: I cheated. I looked at an actual tube of toothpaste and saw an expiration date. But, what about other types of toothpaste? Do they ever expire too?

Yes, they do.

I did something that i normally never do, but the subject being such an important one, I had to do it. I went shopping. I stopped in at the toothpaste are and grabbed some tubes of Gleem, a Procter & Gamble product. Expiration date? Yes. Apparently, P&G's toothpaste also expires.

If there's a point to our answer, it's this: sometimes it's better to just look at the writing on the tube. However, since I also have the Internet, I went online, searching on the keywords "toothpaste expiration."

The results led us to a Newcity Chicago article that profiles Chicago Public Library Commissioner Mary Dempsey. Ms. Dempsey has been asked the same question, and her crack staff of librarians found an answer. Apparently, after toothpaste expires, "the chemicals become unstable and less effective."

Now you know.

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