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What state do the Simpsons live in?

Homer and family live in the town of Springfield. But, according to The Simpsons Archive, there are at least 71 nonfictional Springfields in 36 states around the country. This has left fans scouring the 350-plus episodes for clues to the town's exact location. Considering the enormous number of place names and geographical features referenced, this requires Ph.D.-level research. Many believe
the show is set in Oregon, as creator Matt Groening grew up in Portland and many of the characters share names with that city's streets.

Tantalizingly, in the "Behind the Laughter" episode, the Simpsons are referred to as "a northern Kentucky family." The Simpsons Archive, however, explains that this episode treats the family as sitcom actors playing the parts of characters living outside the Springfield universe, and "really shouldn't be taken seriously." Plus, the location was actually changed in reruns. Other popular guesses include Ohio and Illinois. Former Simpsons director David Silverman once said the show was set in the fictional state of North Takoma.

In a 2004 Austin Chronicle article, a publicist for the show comments: "Matt had the Simpsons live in Springfield because it was the most common city name in the U.S. The writers 'toy' with the state location constantly, (thus) there is no specified state...."

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