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Monday, July 31, 2006 Bookmark Now! | Email to a friend  

Who invented the bra?

Not many pieces of clothing can draw as strong a reaction, either positive or negative, as the bra. But then this particular undergarment has always been something of a special case. It's been ogled by fans and burned by detractors. And through it all, bras evolved from mere "supporting" players into full-fledged stars of the fashion world.

A French woman named Herminie Cadolle was the genius behind the cups and straps. Cadolle came up with the concept in 1889, originally dubbing it the "corselet gorge." Her creation premiered at the Great Exposition in Paris and was a smash with the ladies, propelling the budding entrepreneur into a life-long career in lingerie.

Madame Cadolle led a pretty amazing life. She was a very successful businesswoman in a time women rarely worked outside the house. Cadolle set up shops in Argentina and brought over the best French seamstresses to train her staff. She traveled the world, outfitting the rich and famous, while watching her business grow into a bust-ling enterprise. The company still exists today as Cadolle Lingerie.

I bet that's one secret Victoria didn't know...

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