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Who was the smartest U.S. president?

A few years ago, the Lovenstein Institute claimed to have analyzed the IQs of every American president from the last 50 years. According to their findings, Bill Clinton had the highest IQ (at 182), while George W. Bush had the lowest (91). The study made for an interesting read (especially for registered Democrats), but there's just one problem -- there is no Lovenstein Institute. The study was all a hoax.

So, who was America's smartest president? We'll probably never know for certain, but an article by Steve Sailer argues it could have been any number of people. Dwight Eisenhower, despite his reputation for being "dumb as a tree stump," was keenly intelligent. Richard Nixon was said to have scored a 143 on an IQ test in high school. Such a score would make him a genius in the eyes of many.

Other contenders for "biggest egghead in the White House" include Calvin Coolidge (the last president to write his own speeches), Herbert Hoover (a successful mining engineer before he took office), and Abraham Lincoln, who many historians believe was America's greatest overall president.

Source: ask.yahoo.com

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